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Terms of Use | Medjugorje Today Live

Terms of Use

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Date Created : 01.06.2022


You acknowledge and agree that you have freely and voluntarily entered into these Terms of Use for Medjugorje Today Live (the »Site« and the »Services«),  have read and understood each and every provision, and any interpretation of these Terms of Use shall not be construed against us because we drafted these Terms of Use.

The Medjugorje Today Live (hereinafter MTL) service, including all content provided on the site  is protected by copyright, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property laws and treaties.

MTL website and its Content are exclusive property of Medjugorje Today Live, with exception to content belonging to third parties that provide services to the latter, and are protected by intellectual property laws and copyright laws. All related rights are reserved, with exception to cases where otherwise indicated. All Content consisting in brands, logos and other distinguishing marks are brands, logos or other distinguishing marks that belong to MTL or to third parties that have passed on related rights to the latter. Any unauthorized use of the Content by the User, or any use carried out in violation of the provisions of the present Terms and Conditions document and of the laws governing intellectual property and copyright, is prohibited.

With the acceptation of the present Terms and Conditions document, the User renounces to any right or legal remedy that he/she has or may have in regards to MTL should said circumstances arise and as a result of the Content.


Use of Content on the Site

Authorized use of the Content. MTL authorizes Users to view all Medjugorje Today Live Content and, where sharing links are available, to share the live webcam images exclusively through these links.

Unauthorized use of the Content. With exception to what expressly authorized by MTL , the User cannot download, extract, photograph, print or make copies of any Content, including image sequences, single images, text, videos, photographs, graphic elements or parts of these, neither for commercial or personal purposes.

With reference to all Content, it cannot be used, modified, adapted, reformatted, downloaded, reproduced (even in partial form), transmitted, published, transferred, copied, sold, exploited, used to create videos and/or montages and or photographic compositions and/or photographs, distributed in any form, format or support (in paper form or digital), through any means of communication (including but not limited to: internet, TV, print) without prior written authorization by MTL . It is, furthermore, prohibited to reproduce frames that are generated by the webcams, extracted or captured through photography, screenshots or any other device or tool meant to capture single images, a sequence of images and videos.

The exploitation of brands, logos or other distinguishing marks property of MTL is not allowed, nor is it allowed to use (in any form or by any technological means) Content of the Site removing brands logos or other distinguishing marks property of MTL, if not through prior written authorization released by MTL.

Authorization request. If the User wants to request the authorization to reproduce Site Content, he/she may send an e-mail to: info@medjugorjetoday.live

Use of the Site

Medjugorje Today Live is intended for informative, communication and entertainment purposes.

The User undertakes to use MTL in compliance to the following restrictions:

  • it is forbidden to use MTL to solicit business of commercial nature or in connection to commercial activity, if not in the cases and at the conditions established by MTL;
  • no changes or alterations to any part of Medjugorje Today Live  are permitted, including but not limited to, software, the Player that reproduces the live webcam images and its related technologies;
  • interference or attempts of interference with the correct functioning of MTL or with any activity conduced on or through MTL is prohibited, including the interruption of the normal flow of interaction or actions that negatively influence the capacity of Users

User responsibilities

The User that registers on Medjugorje Today Live is obligated to indicate exclusively the personal data that is requested and guarantees that said information is truthful, correct and updated. The User acknowledges that he/she is responsible for any use of  MTL by himself/herself or by individuals that use his/her personal information.

Warranty disclaimer

Medjugorje Today Live is provided “as is” and we does not release any guarantee or declaration concerning the operation, accuracy, completeness  of Content.

Limitation of liability

Within the limits allowed by applicable laws, MTL is not responsible for any damages of any nature following the use of our Live Webcams, including direct, indirect, incidental and consequential damages.

The weather forecasts referring to the tourist locations published on Medjugorje Today Live website, that can be viewed at the bottom of page or in sidebar the specific icon at the bottom of the webcam images, are obtained using advanced software and mathematical models. However, in view of the dynamic nature of atmospheric phenomena and the complexity of related elaboration processes, the User acknowledges and accepts that the forecasts published may be subject to inaccuracies and/or errors. Therefore, Medjugorje Today Live may not be considered responsible, nor may any request of compensation be made, should the forecasts consulted by the User prove to be inexact.

Links to third party websites

Medjugorje Today Live contains links to third party sites. Medjugorje Today Live has no control over these sites and, therefore, is not in any way responsible for their content the user that decides to access a third party website, through a link  published on Medjugorje Today Live, does so at his/her own risk.


All the data provided to Medjugorje Today Live by the User shall be used in accordance with the terms of the Privacy section.

Governing laws and competent court

The present Terms and Conditions document concerning the use of Medjugorje Today Live was drafted and regulated and must be interpreted according to the European law and to intellectual property and copyright laws. Should disputes arise in reference to the validity, the interpretation and the execution of the present Terms and Conditions document, the matter will be referred to the exclusive competence of the Court.

Further terms and conditions

Further terms and conditions, that differ from those provided for in the present document, may apply to activities related to the insertion of Content, to those related to registration and to those related to the fruition of Services, and the user is obliged to respect them.

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